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Posted By: GUEST,Bardford
22-Nov-00 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Elections: How do you do it at home?
Subject: RE: How do you do it at home?

One of the big differences in Canada is the fact that each voter doesn't vote for the leader. Party leaders are selected by the party. So, if I want a particular leader for Prime Minister, I vote for the party candidate in my riding. If the majority of ridings elect members from that party, my guy/gal becomes PM. (Assuming that guy/gal wins his/her riding. I don't know if an unelected person can hold a prime minister position, although recently, the PM appointed an unelected guy to a ministerial post - that smells bad, to me.)

For me, the problem during elections is this - if a party ( say, the Greens or the Marxists, or the Natural Law Party, or the Rhino party) doesn't hold a seat in Parliament when the election is called,( which, BTW, is called at the PM's discretion, or every 5 years) they are seen as fringe or wing-nut entities, which in some cases may well be true. The result, though,is that these parties are not invited to Leader's debates, get virtually no press, and their platforms are not heard. This troubles me, and I'm sure it happens elsewhere as well. (Sure was interesting to see Mr. Nader's influence in the states, though.)

The major parties, for the most part, seem to me to be converging policy-wise, and what is being marketed as choice is not really that different from what we've got now. Is the system corrupt or prone to abuse? Darn tootin', but I can't prove it.

I think it was National Lampoon magazine a number of years ago had a futuristic national election where the parties on the ballots were Burger King and MacDonalds. I wonder how close we've come to that chilling concept...

That doesn't come close to answering your queries, I know, but man it's nice to vent. Thanks for indulging.