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Posted By: ollaimh
20-Dec-12 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: cannot afford to continue...
Subject: RE: cannot afford to continue...
i used to think mudcat was vasluable, but the hard right turn of many, including some moderators has disillusioned me on that score.

the turning point for me came from two issues. an idiot poster from britian was accusing acadiens of stealing indian land(apparantly ignoring the english ethnic cleansing of acadiesn
and the english ethnic cleansing of the same natives, including putting bounties in their scalps). and the toleration and constant defense of a nazi folk singer who used to sing his hitler youth songs at the vancouver folk song society.

i already knew the english and many american and canadian anglos were biased against the gaels, and ignore that genocide, but i was used to that. but i expected folk singers to stand up against nazis and to condemn racist attacks on acadiens(one of the most peacefull people on earth at the time).

well i no longer think mudcat deserves any money from me. nothing provoded by mudcat is worth the toleration of racism genocide ans bigotry.

i really expected the nazi tolerance to shock and horrify people. instead they seemd to think he was such a nice war criminal . someone you could trust with your children and who sang so sweetly==if you weren't jewish or roma, or homosexual.

mudcat is way too juch a haven for racists and right wing kooks.what happened to folk music?