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Posted By: Little Hawk
20-Dec-12 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: A word that means more than stupid
Subject: RE: BS: A word that means more than stupid
"Tosser" is another popular UK term for it, means exactly the same thing as as "wanker". And another is "prat". Still more, "stupid git". Then again, "pillock" seems to have a bit of a following as well. And there's also "wassock", a related term. Deeply suppressed anger and rancorous bitterness are, after all, essential features of the British culture nowadays, perhaps because there is a surveillance camera mounted on every street corner, the government does whatever it bloody well wants to, regardless of popular disapproval, and the cost of living is far too high, and all these nasty little words such as "tosser", "wanker", and "useless git" serve well to help exorcise (or is that "exercise"?) those pent-up feelings of impotent rage and frustration one may experience in difficult times.

Bit of a rum go, isn't it? Bit of a sticky wicket! We in "the colonies" can only sympathize with your plight...and watch sadly from afar.