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Posted By: Don Firth
17-Dec-12 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Ban anti-depressant drugs, not guns
Subject: RE: BS: Ban anti-depressant drugs, not guns
I've heard the statistic that people who have never had any official training in combat shooting and who pack guns around with the idea of self-protection or of stopping a "shooter," have about a 4% chance of actually stopping the shooter, with a much higher chance of injuring someone else--or of getting shot themselves, because the shooter figures he'd better take the goof with the gun out first.

I had a friend who packed a gun around (along with his NRA membership card) spouted all the usual clichés, and on a couple of occasions almost shot a good friend because he didn't recognize him in the dark, and on another occasion, pulled his gun to stop someone from fleeing from an accident (dented fender on a parked car) and got arrested himself because the incident did not justify the use of "deadly force."

Don Firth