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Posted By: MGM·Lion
17-Dec-12 - 02:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ban anti-depressant drugs, not guns
Subject: RE: BS: Ban anti-depressant drugs, not guns
The either-or nature of the title of this thread sums up what your trouble is over there. You will tie yourself in knots to find any out from the self-evident fact that YOU HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DESTRUCTIVE & DYSFUNCTIONAL GUN LAWS.

If you don't believe me, just look at all the arguments, from too-many-guns-out-there-already-to-possibly-ever-control
to got-to-have-one-in-case-I-ever-just-happen-to-meet-a-psycho-who-has-one that all the thousands of threads on the topic already are full of

Like here ~~ oh, it isn't the availability of the guns, it's the fact that someone who owns one might just be on meds which encourage him to go out & kill people with it that is the trouble.

So we can leave the gun laws alone & just make sure that nobody can get at the drugs.

Well, that's all right then.

♫Oh when will you ever learn...♫