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Posted By: sciencegeek
21-Nov-12 - 08:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Walmart Workers Strikes...
Subject: RE: BS: Walmart Workers Strikes...
to put a perspective on "robber barons"... the former Marshall Fields estate on Long Island's north shore - both a state park & Queen's Collage campus back when I was in grad school... was essentially a small feudal state.

It had a full time staff - though the owner was almost never in residence- with orchards, dairy, stable - you've seen the stable in Dudley Moore's movie, Arthur- the mansion had a hanging system to put the freshly ironed newspaper on so that

Marshall had a crisp newspaper to read that wouldn't stain his fingers with ink.

Cornelius Vanderbuilt built his own private highway out to his Long Island estate- one of many.

I spent a miserable year working as a cashier at Marshalls... treated like dirt by the corporate heads for pennies above minimum wage and their motto was "we'll close the doors before we"ll let in a union."

union are not perfect... but the alternative is economic slavery in a supposedly "free country".