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Posted By: maeve
20-Nov-12 - 11:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Secret Santa pres wishlist/hint (updated 2012)
Subject: RE: BS: Secret Santa pres wishlist/hint (updated 2012)
Dear Secret Santa,

As you know I am an adult female human being. Colors delight me - colors of flowers, trees, & water, colors like periwinkle blue, turquoise, amber, moss agate, seal grey, evening and morning sky....I like things from your part of the world- a shell, a water-smoothed stone, a bit of music.

Our lives are presently consumed by rebuilding after a disaster that needn't be named, so I have little energy or time for my hobbies of music making, watercolor, weaving, basket making, quilting, gardening, woodcarving, pottery, beadwork, and spinning (always looking for new fibers to spin.)

I sing a bit and make songs and poetry. Gaelic, Passamaquoddy, Shoshone, and Italian languages are of great interest, as are whistles, harp, lap and hammer dulcimer, banjo, fiddle, guitar and drums played well.

Dark chocolate, good tea leaves and laughter are good for what ails us, as are small hand tools, interesting things someone made, photographs, poetry. A realeo, truleo letter is a wondrous thing.

Please send only as much as pleases you. I'll share with my husband, Truelove.

Thank you, Santa.