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Posted By: JohnInKansas
19-Nov-12 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Walmart Workers Strikes...
Subject: RE: BS: Walmart Workers Strikes...
Although Walmart has resisted unions it should be noted that reports say that it's a union whose members are the organizers of the strike.

The reports I've seen indicate that the "issue" is about whether employees should be required to work odd shifts for the after Thanksgiving "Black Whatever?" farce. Walmart replies to the first complaints make the claim that employees (associates?) scheduled to work the off-normal hours were taken almost exclusively from those who volunteered to do so, that they had more willing volunteers than hours to assign, and that they had seen very few complaints from any assigned who didn't want the hours.

The unrecognized agenda that is suggested by the complaints is that this is essentially a "wildcat" strike, NOT AUTHORIZED BY THEIR OWN UNION, but organized by a few who think that "Thanksgiving should be kept sacred because it's an important Christian Holiday."

Thus far, I've seen no coherent explanation of what "grievance" the strikers have in mind, other than they want to go out and play with the other kiddies instead of going to work. Disrupted schedules for some can be a real hardship, so there might be some validity for some of the complainants; but they've failed to articulate their objections very clearly.

So far as has been reported, Walmart has accepted their right to stay home, but has taken reasonable legal steps to prevent them from abusing the customers who want to go play (with their own kiddie friends) at Walmart during the extra "sale event hours."

I don't see much of anything for anyone on either side of the union/nonunion debates to celebrate in this non-event; but of course it may all be a lot clearer when the media explains it to us. (yeah, sure, you believe it don't you?. ...)