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Posted By: little john cameron
19-Nov-00 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: guitars: OO Martin Sing Out!
Subject: RE: guitars: OO Martin Sing Out!
Hi Rick.Do ye still hae the Guild?The first ane Alan got fae Tyson.
Aboot the haunted hoose in Huntley Street.Ah never saw ony ghosts,as ah wisnae there very lang.That original plan wis that ah wis aff tae Labrador an Alan wis gettin the heave oot o where he wis so ah suggested for him tae get an apt for us baith while ah wis awa.When a got back he had moved intae a closet in Huntley St.Where he expected me tae sleep wis a mystery.But it wis only $12 an ah wis on the road maist o the time.Anyway,it worked oot fine as the bold Alan moved in wi the "Electric Landlady" an that freed up the closet.Ah wis known at that time as a"Closet Musician"Ah went on the road again an when ah came back the"E.L."had sold aw mah stuff as ah forgot tae send the $12.It wis maistly junk so ah never bothered.
Ah did live in a haunted hoose on Scarth RD,Rosedale tho.That wis a strange place!The ghost wis friendly tho an never bothered me except tae sit on mah bed at nicht.Ah didnae really want tae move as there wis 12 weemin livin up the stair. ljc