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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Nov-12 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
Subject: RE: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
"Hey - I don't preach. I urge & inform"
Arrogant crap.
No you don't - you only tear down the work of others without offering anything in its place.
You despise collectors, yet there isn't a traditional song (which you claim to love) that hasn't come to you in one form or another other than through the hands of a collector
You deride researchers, yet you offer no sign that you have done any research yourself - easier to tear down something somebody else has constructed rather than produce something by your own efforts.
You ridicule folkies, yet your own output is 'folkie at it's most has -beenish, rather reminiscent of the bunch of ageing punks that used to hand round Chealsea's Kings Road on the corner of Royal Avenue up to a dozen years ago - they maybe still there if they haven't joined Monty Python's Norwegian Blue.
You even belittle the efforts of the thousands of youngsters coming to traditional music here in Ireland for the first time, who have ascertained that that music will survive for at least another couple of generations.
You seem to by trying to make a name for yourself by telling us how bad everybody else is rather than cleaning up your own act.
Whichever of your numerous identities you adopt on this forum, your contempt for others gives you away each time.
Jim Carroll