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Posted By: GUEST,Blandiver
11-Nov-12 - 08:15 AM
Thread Name: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
Subject: RE: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
then start preaching yourself about music !

Hey - I don't preach. I urge & inform. There is a not-so subtle difference. Especially in the light of Kendal's hilarious claims regarding the Folk IQ.

To come in here and think you are going to trash our music..

Steady on there, Kendal - I am a life-long lover of Traditional Folk Song & Ballad; I live it and I breathe it, and I come here to celebrate that fact by digging over the mulch & minutiae with those of a similar cast o' mind. To this end I've been seduced into the Folk Scene as pretty much the only place where I can go to sing & listen to such music with a bunch of hearty rogues, ne'erdowells & curmudgeonly old farts (all of whom I love dearly) to get pissed, smoke fags* & roar along with 1000's or more in part Seance, part Holy Communion and part Fellowship with all men, and women, who sing.

The downside to this Traddy Glory is that every now and then someone feels compelled to sing No Man's Land (or something very like it), and everyone else feels compelled to weep along with the noxious sentimentality of the thing. Sometimes, you can't always run for the bar; sometimes, you're trapped, and so must listen. It's one of the real hazzards of Folk Clubs - being preached at in the assumption that just by being there you're going to agree with such mawkish mush. Not me. I'm not one of the converted to be preached at - and I never will be. If I want a song about soldiers I'll sing Bellamy's setting of Kipling's Ford o' Kabul River or Tommy or something suitably Traditional like The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate or the aforemention Plains of Waterloo.

We will always prefer War & Peace to Batman comics.

Which reminds me, did you know the working title of War and Peace was War - What is it Good For? This charming piece of trivia inspired the Edwin Starr classic of the same name. Me - I think I'd prefer the Batman comics.

* Though I gave uop smoking 12 years ago, and cigarettes in public houses are a thing of our remote past, in my heart the ideal singaround is always conducted through a fug of beer stench and thick delicious fag smoke.