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Posted By: Edthefolkie
10-Nov-12 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
Subject: RE: No Man's Land/willie McBride-rap version?
OK, so Sean's got a blind spot about "Matilda" and "No Man's Land". Big blooming deal. And I'm somewhat confused - is Eric Bogle a revisionist who pisses on graves then? Do me a favour, old cock.

Most of us have relatives who served, were wounded or died in the Great and other wars. My great uncle was shell shocked and I only remember him as a poor old trembling wreck. Many old soldiers echoed Eric Bogle's sentiments. I give you the late Harry Patch - "Too many died. War isn't worth one life. War was the calculated and condoned slaughter of human beings". Not unadjacent to "And the young people say - What are they marching for? And I ask myself the same question".

I also, maybe unfairly, give you Rudyard Kipling. "My Boy Jack" was written by a man who is supposed to have pulled strings with Lord Roberts to get his half blind son an army commission - with the inevitable result.

"Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?"

Cor, what a revisionist.