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Posted By: Ron Davies
27-Oct-12 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Below the Line... Musicians or not???
Subject: RE: BS: Below the Line... Musicians or not???
Music addict, not musician.   All the signs are there.

Do you seek out others to do it with?   Yes.

Do you put off doing other things so you can do it?   Yes.

Can you imagine a day without it? No.


Play guitar (really badly)--to accompany myself. Fortunately about 60% of folk and 70% of country can be done with 3 chords.   Excellent book on country:   3 Chords and the Truth.

Play piano--mainly 19th century parlor songs and classical, though I wish I could play blues, boogy-woogy, honky-tonk, etc. Sure seems hard to just make up a good accompaniment on the piano--I'm in awe of people who can do it-- even though I know enough theory that--in theory--I should be able to do it.

Play viola.   These days, bluegrass and country viola--which as far as I'm concerned, means just weaving in a harmony or counterharmony--especially at the end of a vocal line (to try to complement, not interfere with, the singer. That is a lot of fun. Probably could play fiddle--but that would require practice, and I don't seem to have time to practice anything but the piano, and even that is chancy sometimes. I bet no orchestra would take me.

Mainly, I sing. Constantly. With anybody I can find or by myself. Lucky enough to have falsetto, after singing 30 years with the Beach Boys in the car.   And lucky enouugh to be a bass, so years passing mean my voice has sunk. (tenors are really out of luck, it seems). When I walked to the Metro (about 20 years), it was 4 long songs or 5 short songs to the subway.   Love all sorts of vocal music-- (and lots of orchestral music)--everything from choral to doo-wop, country, Irish, sea chanteys, parodies, jazz--and on and on.

And of course, added bonus for singers--you never have to carry an instrument.

Won't mention the conductor who supposedly said:   "Are you a singer or a musician?"

Though I've actually heard conductors say: "OK, I want the men to come in here, and the tenors a few measures later."    No wonder guys--aside from opera singers--don't usually claim to be tenors.

Uh oh, slipping into thead creep.