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Posted By: MGM·Lion
23-Sep-12 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: Req. Songs about Buses
Subject: RE: Req. Songs about Buses
Nobody has put up this celebrated 1890s poem by Oxford wit A D Godley, illustrative of the cases in Latin Grammar. It is in common metre, so could be sung, if anybody felt like it, to any standard ballad tune, or any in appropriate rhythm like Annie Laurie or Men of Harlech.*--

       MOTOR BUS

       by: A.D. Godley

       WHAT is this that roareth thus?
       Can it be a Motor Bus?
       Yes, the smell and hideous hum
       Indicat Motorem Bum!
       Implet in the Corn and High
       Terror me Motoris Bi:
       Bo Motori clamitabo
       Ne Motore caedar a Bo--
       Dative be or Ablative
       So thou only let us live:
       Whither shall thy victims flee?
       Spare us, spare us, Motor Be!
       Thus I sang; and still and still anigh
       Came in hordes Motores Bi,
       Et complebat omne forum
       Copia Motorum Borum.
       How shall wretches live like us
       Cincti Bis Motoribus?
       Domine, defende nos
       Contra hos Motores Bos!

*The wikipedia entry links to a musical setting also --