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Posted By: Les in Chorlton
16-Sep-12 - 06:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jesus F**ks Dog Video
Subject: RE: BS: Jesus F**ks Dog Video...
Ms/Mr Chongo,

I have just read all the posts on here and they really are a "treat" of some kind, but this post of yours is one of the most impressive pieces of ironic, creative writing I have read in a very long time:

"Donuel, you gotta be jokin' to ask me "What is a militant atheist". Plain and simple, it is a person who despises religion on principle, no matter what religion it is, attacks and ridicules religion whenever the subject of it comes up, denigrates religious people, calls 'em all "deluded", and blames religion for all (or most of) the world's problems. This forum is fulla such sorehead types like a junkyard hounddog is fulla fleas.

Not bein' content to just quietly have their own beliefs and approach to life and leave others alone to quietly have theirs (such as my private veneration of King Kong and my preference for expensive cigars and whisky), they insist on insultin' other people over the differences in their beliefs. They think they are the most brilliant people around anywhere, and that the rest of the world should convert to their viewpoint. They think everyone who don't agree with them is an idiot.

That's what I meant by "militant""

Thank you so much. I will continue my Sunday enlightened and grateful that such talents as your own should pass my way

Bless you

L in C#