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Posted By: GUEST
16-Sep-12 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jesus F**ks Dog Video
Subject: RE: BS: Jesus F**ks Dog Video...
I seem to be alone here, in finding it incongruous that the title includes 'Jesus Fucks Dog,' and yet Bobert is too mealy-mouthed to spell out 'fucks' presumably because someone might be upset!

Must be part of the modern TV morality, where there's never a tiny flash of porn, but several graphic murders every night.
Can't understand that, either.

Not having a go at you, Bobert, just at the odd (to me) title. I can't place the origin of the film-maker who stirred up the present rumpus, and possibly Bobert's speculation. I voiced a very similar theory to the wife, that it might have been a shit-stirring attempt BY a Muslim. My own position corresponds with Chongo's first post.