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Posted By: Donuel
13-Sep-12 - 10:22 AM
Thread Name: porn+FL Rev koran burner=ambassador killed
Subject: RE: porn+FL Rev koran burner=ambassador killed
The cost of the muslim taboo video is said to cost 5 million dollars

How Amb.Stevens arrived at the Bengazi hospital is still unclear. Perhaps locals tried to help but wish to remain annonymous for fear of extremeist reprisals. What is clear is that both Glen Beck and Fox nes are claiming that Ambassador Steven's mutillated body was dragged through Bengazi streets exactly like our Black Hawk down troops in Somalia.

The most incoherent reporting on FOX claims that Obama started the Arab Spring protest movement to replace our allies like Mubarek and Gadafi with the Muslim Brotherhood. John McCain claims somthing similar in that Obama's failure to lead has led directly to the ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The story of a coordinated attack by a Muslim militia rings true since the attack was tried once before in a similar manner at the same Embassy.


Isreal denies the 5 million dollar film designed to inflame all the Muslim taboos, is connected to Netanyahu's need to attack Iran and order the US military to coordinate with Isreal military forces.
Romney has given Netanyahu his assurance that the US military would assist Isreal in the invasion of Iran. That promise spured Netanyahu to campaign for Romney and shmooze the neocons in Washington.

Netanyahu is an Isreali version of John McCain who maintains his political ambitions with an incessant call to war.

So far Obama has frustrated every attempt by Netayahu to get the US to give Iran an Ultimatum to war.

Personally I do not think Isreal should presume they are entitled to American lives, treasure, American geopolitcal standing and the entire US military to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Perhaps this is an example of a pre emptive war and invasion that should have been waged but according to the Art of War there are more clever ways to expose Iran to defeat and its nuclear ambitions.
Obama has proved he is more cool and calculating than the knee jerk neo cons when dealing with Islamic aggression.