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Posted By: Jim Dixon
09-Sep-12 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Buckwheat Cakes
Subject: Lyr Add: BUCKWHEAT CAKES (Taylor/Sloop)

VERSE: Ebeneezer Wilson was an epicure; a very funny one was he.
He never cared for steak for breakfast; he never cared for fricassee
He never cared for rabbit, neither 'possum; he never cared for chicken, neither 'coon.
All he wanted you to bring him in, morning, night and noon:

CHORUS 1: Buckwheat cakes steaming on the griddle,
Buckwheat cakes, Lordy, ain't they fine?
Buckwheat cakes, fried in butter,
Sweeter than the melon on the watermelon vine.
Buckwheat cakes, fry 'em to a frazzle,
Buckwheat cakes, then bring 'em in to me.
You can have ev'rything in this wide, wide world []
But your ever-lovin' buckwheat cakes.

CHORUS 2: [Same as Chorus 1 down to , then:]
'Cause I'm dreamin' 'bout 'em, screamin' 'bout 'em,
Fried in butter, see 'em flutter,
See 'em comin', see I'm runnin',
Hurry, baby; pass that gravy.
All you seven, come you heaven.
Pop one open; see I'm chokin'.
Hurry, rascal; pass that 'lasses.
Flip 'em, flop 'em, love to sop 'em,
Ever-lovin' buckwheat cakes.

CHORUS 3: [Same as Chorus 1.]

As sung by Jim Towel accompanied by Cow Cow Davenport on piano on "Cow Cow Davenport The Accompanist (1924-1929)" Document Records, 2005.
Originally released as Brunswick 7060, 1928.