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Posted By: Jeri
09-Sep-12 - 10:25 AM
Thread Name: Whitby 2012
Subject: RE: Whitby 2012
It's not Jack's statement that caused this, it was the inability of some fuckwits to get past it and discuss the music or even Whitby. It could have sparked a discussion of Irish Traveler music. Instead, the festival and music were not so important to those people as trying to get a fight going by attacking Jack, who, despite his directness, was DISCUSSING MUSIC.

I closed this once. Someone else re-opened it. I never intended it stay closed but temporary closure might give some folks a chance to cool off and evaluate whether what they had to say was worth changing the thread into yet another flame war. But I forgot how desperately tight a grasp some people here can have on perceived wrongs.

This is how this thread started:
"Subject: Whitby 2012
From: GUEST,old git - PM
Date: 26 Aug 12 - 09:03 AM

Back from a great week at Whitby...songs,beer and friends old and new...priceless! Thanks to everybody who gave "Icebound" such a great reception and sorry to all those who couldn't get in!
I also enjoyed the rest of the week ,whether performing, MCing , running singarounds or just joining in impromptu sessions. Where did the week go? Here's to next year!
Oh..and congrats to Jim and Graeme's maritime sessions for raising such a large amount for the Whitby Lifeboat. 3113!!!
geoff t
I think it's a shame that some people should think their own offendedness is more important that talking about this festival. If you want to start a fight, at least have the decency to take it out of a perfectly good discussion and start your OWN thread.

This is my first and last comment in this thread.
You have a choice: whether to continue barking and growling about side issues or let the world know how great this festival was/is and how much fun you had/have there.