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Posted By: Jack Campin
07-Sep-12 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: Whitby 2012
Subject: RE: Whitby 2012
How anyone can relate 2 completely different traveller traditions in this way is beyond me.

The Scottish tradition I mentioned is quite clearly a distinct and identifiable one - different versions of songs, stories and tunes from the way other people do them, different style, different kinds of transmission from what you get in other kinds of Scottish traditional music.

(I have also encountered Gypsy folk music first-hand in Romania, and that's a great deal more different from the surrounding Romanian and Hungarian mainstream, but not so relevant here).

I'd never heard of the group before and knew only what the Folk Week programme told me.

So, given that blurb, I was expecting something clearly different from the kind of Irish music you might have heard every day at the Ship. Different versions, different back stories, different performance style. Something I hadn't heard before.

There may well be such a distinct kind of traveller music within the Irish tradition, but if so I didn't hear it at the concert I went to, or from the Doyles busking.

Is that clear enough?

Did YOU hear anything you could point to as distinctively Traveller in origin, unlike any other Irish music? If so, what was it?