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Posted By: GUEST,Simon
30-Aug-12 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: So how was Sidmouth 2012 for you?
Subject: RE: So how was Sidmouth 2012 for you?
I really enjoyed this years festival as I have done many previous years. There were some fantastic concerts at the Ham which I really enjoyed and some fun sessions to play in. Definitely had no issue with the volume at the ceilidh's and I found the novice dancers added to the fun.

I do have some things which I think need adressing.

Firstly contrary to other posters I think there isn't enough focus on bringing younger people to the event. I was there with my partner both of us are in our (ahem) mid 30's and nine times out of ten we were the youngest in the room by some way. It was only when we attended the late night extras that we didn't feel this. I'm not saying that Sidmouth should sacrafice everything it is to encourage a younger audience but certainly to avoid it dying off there needs to be work done to bring down the average age attending.

The non-Ham concert programme I felt was quite weak this year I spent a lot more time in the Ham than I did previous years just because the alternatives just didn't appeal.

The campsite was fine, one thing that niggled was why have one womens shower block and a mens shower block and a non designated block which due to positioning got hijacked by the womens queue. It surely makes sens to just have three non designated blocks.

Hope this helps.