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Posted By: GUEST,Tony
29-Aug-12 - 12:48 AM
Thread Name: Free the Pussy Riot Three
Subject: RE: Free the Pussy Riot Three
quote: I said all I had to say when I signed the petition on Pussy Riot's behalf.

999, you're too modest. You've aleady said more than that, and I'll bet you still have a lot more to say.

You told us about Li Tie, which sounds like a genuine case of political suppression, not just someone shoplifting a chicken in her vagina.

And you mentioned chess player Garry Kasparov; but not Bobby Fischer, whom Iceland saved from extradition to the US (much like what Ecuador is trying to do now for Julian Assange), where he faced 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and $4 million in penalties, all for playing a chess match in Yugoslavia.

And you said "the US and Canada would likely go with time served," presumably in equivalent circumstances. But what is equivalent? For one thing, we really don't have that kind of religious community to offend in that way. Maybe if someone took control of a broadcast of the 700 Club and aired a parody of Pat Robertson, with a smiling preacher named Bitch Robertson who answers people's phone calls with a string of obscenities. But you'd never get past their security. It's hard to think of a parallel event in the US. It would have to involve something that we hold sacred, i.e. money, so there'll always be lots of security guards to prevent it. Maybe the Bobby Fischer case is the best example.

And there'd have to be some priors, like the chicken snatch, and copulating in front of the biology museum. What was political about that biology gig, anyway? Were they saying that this is real biology, and those non-mating stuffed animals inside are just what the government wants us to think biology is? And what about the chicken snatch was she sticking it to the man by sticking the chicken in and walking out of the store? And the shit-smeared placards in the supermarket was that a political statement? You might run into a problem there with your equivalent scenario. I hate to think of what would happen to someone who brought excrement into a supermarket in the US. They'd probably end up in Guantanamo.

I'm sure you have information about all this. Don't hoard your knowledge. Be open and democratic with it.