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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
12-Nov-00 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
Subject: RE: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
Yo, Soph - that wasn't the mall that was opened in 1994 was it? Has a nice marble inlay in the floor - leastways it did until Albion Morris did a dance there and cracked a bit of it...... If so - I had to get out of it too, but the worst is Toronto airport - had an asthma attack just walking through it - all the air pumped in was coming in from the concourse, all those lovely airplane fumes.... yum. Never had any trouble at any other airport.... not even smelly old Heathrow.

Our building (one of the tallest outside the square mile in London, right next to the BT (Post Office) tower, has a terrible air conditioning system, either too hot or too cold, nothing in between. Last month people were all saying they were too hot, now they are too cold. I just tell 'em to wear a vest or a thicker jumper..... As one of those who carry their own personal layer of insulation, I'm always too warm, even though it's November I'm still wearing sandals! Within 3 days of starting there I had a cold, and whenever anyone gets a cold in my office, even though I don't come into direct contact, I end up getting it. I've gone through 3 pots of lip balm in 10 months and have put on about a stone in excess fluid because I get so thirsty I drink a litre more than I do at home. OK if you get rid of it, but I have this little retention problem.....