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Posted By: Haruo
20-Aug-12 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: How to learn a song in another language?
Subject: RE: How to type a song in another language?
If you're typing on a full-fledged desktop-PC keyboard with a calculator pad on the right side of the keyboard, you can probably get accents for Spanish (and French and German and Italian and Portuguese and Scandihoovian, and even some fancy-pants varieties of English) by holding down the ALT key while typing four-digit numbers on the calculator keypad:

as in Che ser is ALT+0224
as in Que ser is ALT+0225
as in mon me is ALT+0226
as in So Paulo is ALT+0227
as in Hagen Dazs is ALT+0228
as in smrgsbord is ALT+0229
as in Encyclopdia is ALT+0230
as in faade is ALT+0231
as in ma mre is ALT+0232
as in alabar is ALT+0233
as in moi-mme is ALT+0234
as in the Bront sisters is ALT+0235
as in luned, marted... is ALT+0236
as in para m is ALT+0237
as in matre d' is ALT+0238
as in Thas is ALT+0239
as in Loftleiir Icelandic airlines is ALT+0240
as in pequeo is ALT+0241
as in che pu amare is ALT+0242
as in mi amor, mi corazn is ALT+0243
as in toi la gloire, Ressuscit! is ALT+0244
as in igekeelsussnaraamat (standard dictionaries in Estonian!) is ALT+0245
as in bei mir bist du schn is ALT+0246
as in l is ALT+0248
as in Pi bella cosa is ALT+0249
as in hijo nico is ALT+0250
as in jene (as opposed to jeune) is ALT+0251
as in Deutschland ber alles is ALT+0252
as in br, ml (in Sindarin) is ALT+0253
as in e Olde Curiosity Shoppe is ALT+0254
as in L'Ha-les-Roses is ALT+0255
as in mu i' denn is ALT+0223

Note: many laptops, notebooks, etc, do not support this approach (this is my single biggest gripe about my own laptop, which was configured without my advice by a nephew who didn't know about this stuff). And Apple products use different systems to get odd letters.

Note: The above system, if it works on your keyboard>screen, can also be used to get a variety of other characters you may find handy at times, such as

, an em-dash, is ALT+0151 (150 is en-dash)
as in Hola! is ALT+0161
as in Donde? is ALT+0191
, one-half, is ALT+0189
, Copyright, is ALT+0169
, Registered Trademark, is ALT+0174
, simple trademark, is ALT+0153
, pound ("sterling") sign, is ALT+0163
, yen sign, is ALT+0165
, left-pointing pointy quotes, is ALT+0171
, right-pointing pointy quotes, is ALT+0187
, cent sign, is ALT+0162
, "Pilcrow" i.e. paragraph, is ALT+0182
, cross, is ALT+0134
, double-cross, is ALT+0135
, ellipsis, is ALT+0133

etc.; you can also get capitalized diacriticized letters from ALT+0192 to ALT+0222 in more or less the same order as the lower-case ones.

Merry typing!