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Posted By: GUEST,Tony
19-Aug-12 - 11:11 AM
Thread Name: Free the Pussy Riot Three
Subject: RE: Free the Pussy Riot Three
There are two parts to this thing. There's the anti-Putin aspect (which I assume is legitimate but I can't find any information about it); and then there's the fact that the specific way in which the anti-Putin protest was done means that its primary effect is to polarize people, since some people see it as an unwarranted desecration of their holy place, while others see it as shoving it up the self-righteous aforementioned's collective arse.

Oh, and there's a third aspect, which is that they're a rock group, and they stand to get famous from this, and make a lot of money eventually.

But does anyone else benefit from polarizing people in this way? So that people on opposite sides of an issue can't even discuss the issue with each other but can only huddle together with people they agree with and chant "hooray for our side;" and exult either in indignant rage as directed by Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly or in condescending sarcasm as directed by Bill Maher and John Stewart.