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Posted By: Morticia
13-Aug-12 - 02:01 PM
Thread Name: So how was Sidmouth 2012 for you?
Subject: RE: So how was Sidmouth 2012 for you?
I'm so sorry you feel I was 'whinging' Kitty, I thought we had been asked for feedback and I gave mine.

You may feel it is a 'reasonable balance',you are of course entitled to an opinion and I will have the courtesy to respect yours without using such emotive and perjorative terms.

Personally, I fail to see why a folk festival needs to have rock bands, I thought there were lots of festivals all over the country that host rock and even dubious 70's pop. I do not see how they connect with Sidmouth Folk Week, nor why the festival organisers finance said bands and I said so.

For all I know there is good explanation as to why they are there and perhaps if so, someone with better manners might explain it to me. Or not,of course.