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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Nov-00 - 03:49 PM
Thread Name: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
Subject: Dead air in buildings - making you sick?
I've had a lot of trouble with this. We have a shopping mall in Orillia (Orillia Square Mall), and the air in the whole place is no damn good. You can smell the stale air the moment you walk through the door. I got a job about 10 years ago in Radio Shack in that mall. I started getting a respiratory ailment and a bad cough within less than a week of being on the job. I didn't connect it at first with the environment, and I was determined to hang in there, although the boss was absolutely the worst manager I ever had in my life, with the possible exception of my own father. Well, I remained sick for the entire 4 months I was in that store. An endless series of sore throats, chest colds, etc. I felt like death warmed over. I was also very unhappy with that job because of the manager, which didn't help any, and probably contributed to depleting my energy. I finally quit the job, and within a few days I was absolutely healthy again, breathing normal clean air at home and getting lots of outside air.

Most new plastic products give off toxic fumes. So do a lot of cleansers. Ever walk down the cleansers aisle in a big grocery store? It's like breathing chemical soup.

I hear that in Japan they put negative ion generators in a lot of their buildings to freshen the air.

Does anyone have any stories or comments to add on this subject?

- LH