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Posted By: Nigel Paterson
19-Jul-12 - 05:10 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Healing thoughts & prayers please (Nigel Paterson)
Pete, I was away when you had your birthday...a very belated Happy Birthday. A 'different' kind of birthday, following the death of your Mother, but your memories of her could form the basis of a special celebration, even so. I'm heartened to see that you are planning some gigs...there'll be 'something extra' now in the way you perform your songs.
      Kat, Janie gets it right every time doesn't she?
      Janie, your use of the word: 'agape' resonated strongly with me. I c&p'd this from Wikipedia:
" [aˈɣapi]) is one of the Koine Greek words translated into English as love, one which became particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for humankind. In the New Testament, it refers to the covenant love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God; the term necessarily extends to the love of oneีs fellow man. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. Although the word does not have specific religious connotation, the word has been used by a variety of contemporary and ancient sources, including Biblical authors and Christian authors...." Your contributions add an intellectual polish to our ('our' is significant) thread, for which we are sincerely grateful.
      Jane & her Family return to the UK today for good (There have been a few false alarms regarding the 'final return'). She will undoubtedly return for holidays to see her friends, all being well. Her cancer remains 'in stasis'...long may it remain so. She has recently discovered Matcha Green Tea & speaks very highly of it's beneficial effects to her overall demeanour. Not sure whether her oncologist is aware of this, but she has more energy & drive than we've seen for months. Impossible to tell whether it's the new medication or the Matcha Tea (or both!). What is important is that she feels well & she's living her life in much the same way as before her diagnosis, back in January. We just wish that all traces of the cancer could be removed, restoring her health completely & absolutely.
       Much to read here today & on which to reflect,
       With Love to You All,
                                     Nigel & Ann.