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10-Jun-12 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: School Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: Songs of the Campus
Another stretch on the "school songbooks" category, but there are too many "Index" threads here for me to pick a better one for "College Songs" so I'll put my latest find here. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate place if it works better in another thread.

Not particularly old or even "classic" but with a snatch-sampling of what might have been sung at US campuses ca the 1930s (?). A few songs for which only texts are given are generally adjacent to scored pieces with a "tune of" reference. Since quite a few songs of the kind are to the tune of others of the same ilk, the music for "just like" tunes may be as useful as the "words" associated with a particular U., for those with an interest in such stuff. Scores generally 4-part, suitable for vocal harmony but probably sufficient for piano accompaniments for the average choir accompanist.

Several of the songs have notations of "by permission of ..." but don't clearly indicate whether the source giving permission was an author, composer, or © holder. Clues more than info for sourcing(?).

A personal "curiosity" is one song "from my own alma mudder" that was claimed to be "lost" and could NOT BE FOUND at the Institute ca 1958. Fragments were found in a couple of "frat books" but no complete verse(s). I had not noticed that it's in this book until I spotted it during scanning for my digital archive.

As usual, my "archive PDF" is too large for easy transmittal, at about 137 MB. The whole book could probably be made small enough for email, if someone wanted it enough to put up with my whining, or individual songs could be fairly easily extracted to make printable (PDF or JPG perhaps) copies of a few pages if there's a need.

Songs of the Campus
Selected by Kenneth S, Clark
© 1931, Paull-Pioneer Music Co, New York

"A collection of Popular Favorites for Informal Singing, among Colleges & Schools –
Pop Numbers, Football Airs, Alma Mater sonts, Close Harmony Tunes, Quartettes and Glees
35 cents (West of the Rockies and in Canada, 50 cents)"


(*Signifies song texts)

*Alma Mater (Antioch)
Alma Mater (Arkansas)
*Alma Mater (Brown)
Alma Mater (George Washington)
Alma Mater (Lake Forest)
Alma Mater (Missouri)
*Alma Mater (North Dakota)
*Alma Mater (Northeastern)
Alma Mater (Pittsburgh)
* Alma Mater (Vanderbilt)
Annie Lisle
Baccalaureate Hymn (Trinity)
Badger Ballad (Wisconsin)
Barnum Song (Tufts)
Bengal Swing (Louisiana)
Benny Havens, Oh! (West Point)
Bingo, That's the Lingo (Yale)
Blue and White (Duke)
Blue and White (Toronto)
Bring the Wagon Home, John
Bull-Dog ( Yale)
Campus Song (Rochester)
Carissima (Hamilton)
Come, Join the Band (Stanford)
Come On, Wyoming (Univ. of Wyo.)
Curtains of Night
*Dear Bucknell (Bucknell)
Down the Field (Yale)
Dummy Line
*Evening Song (Cornell)
Ever True to Brown (Brown)
*Eyes of Texas (Univ. of Texas)
Faculty Song (Princeton)
Fair Harvard (Harvard)
Field Song (Univ. of So. Dakota)
*Fight for Sewanee (Univ of the South)
Fight, Siwash (Knox)
Fling the Banner Wide (Vassar)
For Boston (Boston College)
Fordham Marching Song (Fordham)
For Honor of Old Purdue (Purdue)
Forty-Nine Bottles
Furman Recessional (Furman)
Gamaliel Painter's Cane (Middlebury)
General Grant
Going Back to Nassau Hall (Princeton)
Glory, Glory, Colorado (Univ. of Colorado)
*Good Old Ship of Fortune (Davidson)
Good Night, Ladies
*Good Old Song (Univ. of Virginia)
Graceful and Easy
Hail, Alma Mater (McGill)
*Hail, Drake (Drake)
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!
Hail. Lafayette (Lafayette)
*Hail, Sturdy Men (Univ. of Nevada)
Hail to California (Univ. of Calif.)
Hail to Georgia (Univ. of Ga.)
*Hail to Old I. U. (Indiana)
Hail, West Virginia (West Virginia.)
Hark! the Sound of Tar-Heel Voices (Univ. of No. Car.)
Have You Never Heard of Holyoke? (Mt. Holyoke)
Hear Dem Bells
Here's a Cheer (Univ. of Chicago)
Here We Have Idaho (Univ. of Idaho)
Highball Song (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
*Hot Time In the Old Town (Univ. of Minn.)
How Can I Leave Thee
•Integer Vita
In Evening by Moonlight
I've Been Working On Railroad
I Went to See My .Advisee (Smith)
*James McGill (McGill Univ.)
Jolly Boating Weather
*Jolly Juniors (Vassar)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Lord Jeffrey Amherst (Amherst)
Mandy Lee
Mighty Oregon (Univ of Oregon)
*Mining Engineer .(Colo. School of Mines)
Montana (Montana State)
My Bonnie
Navy Blue and Gold (Annapolis)
Neilie Was a Lady
Nittany Lion (Penn State)
Oberlin, Our Alma Mater
Oh, Eveline
Oh! Fairest Alma Mater (Smith)
Oh, Well Whoop Her Up For (Princeton)
*Oklahoma, Hail (Univ. of Okla.)
*Old Centre (Centre)
*Old Gold (Univ. of Iowa)
Old Tulane (Tulane)
On a Chinese Honeymoon
On, On, U. of K. (U of Kentucky)
On the Banks of Old Raritan (Rutgers)
On the Chapel Steps (Brown)
On to Victory (St., Mary's College, Calif.)
On to Victory (New Hampshire)
One, Two, Three, Four
Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Our Chicago (Univ. of Chicago)
Our Colorado (Colorado College)
Old Gray Mare
Palisafes (York Univ.)
Qui Patitur (Berea)
Quilting Party
Rally Song. (U. of S. Cal. at Los Angeles)
Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech (Gerogia Tech)
Saint Mary's College Song (St. Mary's, Ind.)
*Salve (Vassar)
S. C. Klaxon Song (Univ. of S: Calif.)
Service Boast (Annapolis)
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
Silver and Gold. (Univ. of Colo.)
Soldier's Farewell
Soldiers' Field (Harvard)
*Sons of Georgetown (Georgetown)
Sons of Old Grinnell (Grinnell)
Spirit of the Hill (Univ. of Tennessee)
Stand Up and Cheer (Univ. of Kansas)
*Stroke. Stroke, Stroke (U. of Wash.)
Take Me Back to Tech! (Mass Tech.)
Tauy Jones (Ottawa)
Ten Thousand Men of Harvard (Harvard)
That Little Old Red Shawl
There's No Place Like Nebraska (Univ. of Nebr.)
There's Music In The Air
Tiger Song (Univ. of Missouri)
Toast to DePauw (DePauw)
Today is Today
U. of M. Rouser (Univ of Minn.)
U. of U. Trail (Univ. of Utah)
Up With Montana (Univ. of Uont.)
*Utah Man (Univ. of Utah)
Varsity Song (Holy Cross)
Virginia's Cavalier Song (Unov. Of Va.)
Vive L'Amour
Wake, Freshment Wake
We Meet Again Tonight
*We're Lounging On Old Stone Steps (Dickinson)
*West Point Song (West Point)
Where, 0 Where? (Princeton)
Who Are We? (Princeton)
*Who Will Sit In Senior Seats? (Smith)
Wild Cat Song (Northwestern)
Yard By Yard (Williams)
Yoh Washington (Univ. of Wash.)