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Posted By: GUEST
23-May-12 - 11:23 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Healing thoughts & prayers please (Nigel Paterson)
The news about Jane's coming treatment is great, Nigel. I have a good friend who attended and still attends a clinic for lupus, and although it is trying, it's been a big help to keep her keeping on. It's good to hear that the medicos are thinking in terms of years.

"Getting audio from LogicPro to YouTube is, for me, 'a challenge too far'...having an expert sitting at my elbow gives me a much needed confidence boost."

I laughed when I read that statement. There are days when I wonder at the abilities of people who can whiz around computers. I'm a bit past the stage where my cure for everything computers is the on/off switch, but not really that far removed from it. I'd offer one small bit of advice: write down everything the guy/gal does, then do it from your written page before you leave. You'll feel like Enrico Fermi must have when he used a slide rule to predict where things would go next when they created the first sustained atomic chain-reaction at the University of Chicago in December of 1942. It didn't get away from them, good thing for the squash courts.