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Posted By: katlaughing
04-Nov-00 - 02:57 AM
Thread Name: Abortion: Here we Go...
Subject: RE: Abortion: Here we Go...
Does anyone else get the very surreal feeling I get everytime I hear these kinds of discussions going on about MY body and those of MY daughters and friends? There has never been so much energy put into any discussions of any kind concerning male bodies.

BillD, Flattop, MoonJen, and Spaw, thanks for your postings. Bill, you'd mentioned proof of when the soul enters the body. Whether any of you choose to believe this or not matters not to me and I will not argue it, but there is an ancient esoteric org. which did controlled observations during births, which showed the *aura* of the soul entering the body when the "breath of life" was first taken.

I don't like the idea of late-term abortions, and I hate the idea of anyone using them as birth control. I've worked in a Planned Parenthood and got very discouraged about the ignorance of young girls and women concerning pregnancy prevention. If pro-lifers really want to prevent abortions they would be PRO-EDUCATION ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL.

There shouldn't even be discussions about this, as it should be the individual's choice, either way. Society has no business sticking its nose into the private lives of women.

I also find it ironic that so many of the Republican Party tout getting government out of our lives, except on this one issue. Quite hypocritical, IMO.

Personal experience? Got preggers at 16 and didn't even know that there was such a thing as abortions; got talked into fucking plenty of times without any protection and did feel coerced, forced; been raped; had a daughter, well-educated about AIDS and birth control, still get sweet-talked out of using a condom her very first time. She didn't get pregnant, but the little fratbrat, whom I would still like to throttle, gave her HPV, which left her with the beginning stages of cancer of the cervix, so when she did choose to become pregnant after marriage, she spent over 19 weeks in bed, literally, in order to keep her twins in the womb as long as possible, because she hardly has any cervix left, due to surgery to remove the cancerous cells, due to that little prick refusing to believe she meant it when she said to wear a condom and talked her out of it.

EDUCATE AND MAKE BIRTH CONTROL AVAILABLE TO ALL WOMEN AND MEN, with abortion still legal and between the womam and her g-d.