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Posted By: catspaw49
04-Nov-00 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: Abortion: Here we Go...
Subject: RE: Abortion: Here we Go...
Sadly enough Brett, you are right. There is no end.............

For every argument on either side there is a compelling or logical (or both) argument to be made on the other. Marion states that the fetus rights should come first, that we are taking a life. However, she then also says that in certain cases, this does not apply......for instance in cases of the mother's mental disability. My son Tristan's bio-mom is mentally incompetent and suffers from seizures. Tris is MRDD with autistic tendencies. On the other hand we have the mother who does not want a child and does not want to deal with the adoption issues, which are very real.

We can go on and on can't we? YEs Brett, there is no end......and more's the pity.