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Posted By: Jim Carroll
22-Apr-12 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: Origin: High Germany
Subject: RE: Origin: High Germany
"Once again we take on somebody else's thread. "
This time we don't Steve - you made specific claims about the song in question which you failed to substantiate and which is a fundmental part of this discussion and any other similar - please don't use "thread drift" to bottle out - I got a bellyfull of that on another thread fairly recently.
Georgina Boyes - not an oracle I would choose to worship I'm afraid and hardly descriptive of "Sharp was discredited with this stuff a long time ago."
What specific reference to "The folk-song is, therefore, communal in two senses; communal in authorship and communal in that it reflects the mind of the community. That, no doubt, is what Motherwell meant when he said that the people's ballad was "the actual embodiment of their Universal Mind, and of its intellectual and moral tendencies" did she or anybody make that has cleared it away from our consideration of traditional song
"Merrie Englande"
It's loaded cliches like this that convince me that you have no argument for your case. Who mentioned 'Merrie Englande' - not me, nor are my beliefs based on a romantic image of the tradition - I was recording traditional singers for far to long to hold such notions.
You still don't come anywhere near to explaining the famliarity that the song-makers had with their chosen subjects - hacks - hardly!
You are attempting to reduce our song tradition to a youngster going out and buying an album that has just topped the charts - at least have the decency to qualify your crusade with some straight answers.
Nor have you attempted to justify your apparent distain for the oral tradition   
"Its poor construction and inconsistency might suggest having come from oral tradition,"
Would appreciate if you would take the trouble to do so.
Jim Carroll