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Posted By: GUEST,Jim Moray
12-Mar-12 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: Film of Nic Jones?
Subject: RE: Film of Nic Jones?
Tim, I understand your fears, but Nic really is just as good a singer now as he was. Not good in the same way, but having gained something different and just as good in the process. The closest thing I can describe it as is the difference between the Johnny Cash of the 60s and 70s and the Johnny Cash of 'American Recordings' in the 00s. Nic doesn't have a 'strong' voice now, but he has authority by the barrowload. Meanwhile, his phrasing and sense of timing are seemingly completely untouched by the years. I was extremely excited by his singing at the South Bank last year because it was the closest I've heard anyone come to singing in their speaking voice - something that gets talked about a lot but hardly anyone manages to do. It was all so effortless because I don't think it's ever occured to Nic that it should be difficult. And having watched a who's who of the current folk scene sing his songs, I honestly thought he blew all of us away with how simply and effortlessly he sang.

Honestly, he was as inspiring to me in person now as he has been on record from then. And not for any nostalgic reasons but because he delivered those songs in a way that suits how he is now. As he says in the clip - its all about the now.