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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
27-Feb-12 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Michelle, suggesting from a non-professional capacity I think you need to add "depression" to that list. Understanding full well that depression is a natural part of our world and when things get tough we go through it. For me, the way to fight my way out of it has been to develop a plan. Once a plan is in place I have an anchor that is beyond where I am now that I can pull myself towards. This and the "talking cure," of discussing with friends what is going on. Use private discussion sites more if you need to. I've never wanted or asked for the medications that are so prevalent today (I think they don't help so much as mask the anxiety that goes with depression.) Mary has a good point also - for the time being you can let the shopping for extras slide. As long as everyone has a few clean seasonal garments that is good enough.

You did get started on the right foot - you do have a plan to address the medical end of things, but if you think about it, you may find that it is a mid-way goal. What do you want to do when the medical things are resolved? What is there in your area that you have been wanting to do that you can focus on as a goal? Go back to school, perhaps, to learn to teach yoga, or go take a master gardener class in order to set up a commercial organic gardening patch at your farm. Or take something you do already and push it into a commercial environment - a craft that you can turn into a business? Join a writers group? These are broad educated guesses at the kinds of things you might consider. If you're going to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, you must have your boots placed someplace firm yet achievable.

On my small and local stage here, I have a cold. We seem to have been talking about them enough that I'm taking my turn. I'll try to keep the complaint minimal, it's a smallish one and I hope to keep it that way. It's a very busy week at work so this is quite inconvenient. I'll try to get lots of sleep to get it to move along as soon as possible. Drink lots of fluid. Etc.