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08-Feb-12 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cats
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Camels have been domesticated for five thousand years--and they still don't like people.

Cats can be a blessing or a curse. Feral creatures are just that: feral.

My skunk--don't know where he lives--, Charlie, is a calm peaceful creature who will walk near me, not spray me (he knows my voice because when he's around I say stuff to him like "Yo, Charlie, how's it hangin'" or "You're out early tonight, arent you?") and I know he harbours me no ill will. However, Charlie is a skunk with sharp claws, teeth that could be detrimental to one's well-being and a spray that can cause blindness if not treated very quickly. So, I would never try to pet him or cuddle him. I can think of easier ways to get punctured and ripped to sh#t.

I adopted a feral cat years ago. It was clear to her that he was welcome to the house--actually ground floor of an apt building--but also that I didn't like her any more than she liked me, so let's agree to keep out of each other's way. We did for the eight or so months she stayed around. (She got all pissed off with me near month two because I trapped her and took her to a vet to be fixed and given a check up, etc., but what are ya gonna do, ya know?) Feral means 'leave me t'hell alone, thank you very much', but somehow I think she knew at least one person liked her. I don't know her fate. I like to think she went to live on Mt Royal, but it's as likely she was killed by a car. Tough little thing, no doubt the result of some thoughtless so-and-sos who didn't have the common decency to spay or neuter their house pet. Anyway, since I don't particularly like cats, I'll end here.

Except I want to know one thing. Basically, other than they're wonderful warm creatures and all that, I do NOT like cats. Period. I think they are fairly stupid creatures with a very narrow association to do with anything that requires thinking. So why me? The damned things rub against my legs, come sit where I am, just generally be a nuisance. I tell them in plain English accompanied by hisses and snarls that I think "You are the most useless thing I have encountered since my pet rock ended up in the river (I was teaching it to swim) and left home." You let a dog know you don't like him and he'll keep away. Tell a ^%&(*#@$ cat that and all of a sudden you're his best bud.

And one more thing. There was a Siamese cat in NYC that took a liking to me (yippee) and I admit to scratching behind her ears for a few minutes. It was at a party in Brooklyn. Anyway, some loud mouth took issue with another loud mouth (me) and started towards me with a loud voice. I stood up to deal with the situation and the damned cat was in between us with a 'do not mess with my friend look' on her face and one leg (front right if I recall) up, claws extended somewhat and the surliest and ugliest disposition I've seldom seen other than in humans. The guy stopped and sat down. I scratched the old gal behind the ears for a few minutes. OK, so she was ok.

Then there was the hungry one in Alberta. Poor little thing. I fed her for months until I could find a good home for her.

And the one in north Alberta that came to me to die. His belly had been ripped open by a dog, and it was bad. I'd left food out for him for about two years, but he never was trusting of people, so I didn't think we were friends or anything like that. I went out one morning and there he was. I later traced the blood back and he'd come about 200' in that condition. I wrapped him in a towel, took him off the reserve and shot him. I left him for the scavengers because we all know very little goes to waste in this world, but now and then I think of the old guy and hope he understands.

Then there was Lucy. She was a twit. She also had some issues, so I kept her until she was over her issues and found her a good home. Last I heard she was doing fine.

I don't like cats, but I do know there are as many personalities--good and bad--in the cat world as there are in the human world. One cat, one personality. Ya gotta read 'em right and they'll do what they're s'posed to. Read 'em wrong and all they're gonna do is piss ya off, and you them.

NOW, salut!