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Posted By: Jean(eanjay)
21-Jan-12 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Do I Want a Tablet?
Subject: RE: Tech: Do I Want a Tablet?
My pc (Windows) is old and very slow and I hardly use it now. I have a laptop, a MacBook Pro, which I got last year and I love it; use it most of the time. I have had an Apple i-Pad for a month and really need to use it a bit more but I am not out and about much so haven't quite had the incentive. It will be good though when I visit Whitby because I use BTFON or BTOpenzone up there and the signal is poor. However some of the cafes have free wireless and I can pop it in a bag and take it with me and not really notice I am carrying it which will be great for me.

I am still getting used to the iPad. I added a shortcut to YouTube but I don't use that now. The shortcut gave me very limited things on YouTube so I use Safari to access YouTube and everything is there. These are the kind of things that fall into place the more you use it. For a little over 2 I added iMovie and I now need to make a video on it to see if I can use it instead of the laptop. For me to sit with it on my knee is so much better because it is so light.

The next thing I will do is set up iCloud on it. There are effects on the iPad that I don't have on the laptop for taking photos like kaleidoscope effect so between the two of them the choice of effects I now have has increased.

These things may not really help you with your decision but the more I do use it the more amazed I am at just what you can do with something that size and weight. I turn it from landscape to portrait and it puts everything the right way up for me :) This is my first experience of iPads and because it is Apple and I have the Apple laptop I think that I will use it more and more but I am not sure if I would get the same use out of an iPad of a different make.