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Posted By: GUEST,jeffLV03RE
08-Jan-12 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Headstock Design
Subject: RE: Guitar Headstock Design
Glad I ran across this site..neat stuff & I do agree with the original analogy above per the Greek column design...somewhat. I have always leaned toward simple is better in Larrivee, Martin & the Collings haircut (which Epi used in a few models)~ Taylors are TOO pointy (along with their pickguards)& certainly not my FAV ..although their build quality, fit & finish are ultra perfect. REG. Epiphones just lumpy..Ovations have always sucked..bad idea from the get go ~ along with those amoeba like pickguards on Les Paul by PlayDough...Gibson has made very few design errors over the years.
I lived with a D-35 Martin for 26 years (sold it) and then a Taylor 510ce for 11 years during which I found a Larrivee P03K (extremely simple, elegant & functional) ~ The Larrivee style & quality won me took a while but now I have only ONE...a Larrivee LV03RE Custom (with wood inlays in the headstock & fretboard ~AWEsome yet simple. On the wide side, I do appreciate the old Guild/Washburn classic headstocks for what they are at the same time. In the process of acquiring a Washburn WG2S and LanFranc is correct..can't stop lookin at an old Cris-Craft with inlay..WOW.
Electrics ~ well Strats are Strats and the old smaller headstocks still look better and Teles were just a mistake nobody fixed and now we're used to it