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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
27-Oct-00 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Island Clay (Lennie Gallant)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: ISLAND CLAY (Lennie Gallant)
O.k... now if I can get the damn HTML code worked out I should be able to help ya...

This is in the album key (D), but I suspect that Lenny is using a dropped tuning or other... But I worked it out again in standard, no capo...

This instrumental opening has all the chords in the verse in it...
D, A, D, A, G, D, A, G

But after 'hill' or 'lawn' for instance, instead of going to the A, stay on D and grab the run on the D string that goes 4th, 2nd open...


This old house once stood proud on a hill
Of pine and cedar from the land
Cut by my fathers hand
And hauled up from the mill.
Now she stares, at her life spread on the lawn,
At strangers picking through her bones.
They take them for their own
And haul them far away.

[The 'chorus' is a nice little run from
Bm, D6th add 9th**, G, A Em
and the last line is G, A, D.]

And the auctioneer he sings his songs and the people pay.
Old voices echo from this house now dark and grey
And cold as island clay.

This old farm, eighty acres of life,
Sweat, and iron-reddened soil,
Paid little for my toil
But saw us through all right,
Till the company came
And bought land up all around.
Soon the market prices fell.
I took another loan
And ploughed it underground.

But tomorrow morning they will come and have their way,
Though their hands touch not he soil and never will pay
The price of island clay.

These old hands turned the sod and tossed the seed.
These hands worked hard and they were strong,
But they couldn't hold a printed paper deed.

From the moment that they signed this land away,
These old hands are getting colder every day,
As cold as island clay.

** a D6th add 9th is just he bar chord Bm, without the bar, so an Am, slid up to the 3rd fret...