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Posted By: MissouriMud
14-Dec-11 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: Washington Square Memories
Subject: RE: Washington Square Memories
I missed this thread the first few times around.   As a teenager from Connecticut I could not get in to the City to do the Washington Square thing often, but I got in a few Saturdays and Sundays in 1964 and 1965.   I would take the train in from Connecticut with my long neck banjo in tow- take the subway down to the Square and try to blend in.   I didnt know any one - I probably would have recognized Dylan or Seeger or Mary Travers but I think by 1964 folks of their status werent playing in the square regularly.   In any event most of the times I was there it was mid day and there seemed to be smaller groups in various parts of the square (rather than one mass jam). I would gravitate toward whichever one looked the most inviting and in need of a banjo player.   Typically there would be an instrument case open to collect donations and once we got a couple of bucks some one 18 or older would be dispatched to buy a bottle of Thunderbird or something comparable that we would all pass around. Then I'd catch the train back home in time for dinner - missing out on most of the night life. I did see Buffy play one night in 1965 at one of the Village spots after I was 18 - really intense.   A brief but wonderfully educational experience for a 17-18 year old.   Wish I could have lived closer.