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Posted By: Crowhugger
10-Dec-11 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: tonic sol fa
Subject: RE: tonic sol fa
Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Quite apart from copyright issues (the answer depends on whether the melody is also still in copyright, and won't the same fair use limits apply?) ... I can't imagine that putting in sol-fa will have meaning to a worthwhile percentage of readers. If they don't understand that language, they'll have no idea what you mean. If they do know sol-fa but don't know the song it'll be equally meaningless.

So, I see a hasty re-write in your future for the US version of your novel. For example, write your own short inspirational verse, or take one that fits from the public domain according to US law. If no time for that, just pick the allowed amount from what you wrote above, e.g. the 9th and 10th lines if 2 lines are permitted. Or maybe your US publishers will accept a URL to a UK site with full lyrics, but it sounds like you're out of time for discussion.

Best of luck. Now, if you want to attract the attention of the legal minds here at Mudcat, you might start a thread with a title that shows that you seek legal copyright info. This thread is really about ol-fa not copyright.