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Posted By: DebC
01-Dec-11 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: Occupy Folk Music! (USA)
Subject: RE: Occupy Folk Music! (USA)
I did read your email, Steve and I do see your point. I still disagree.

As to driving people away, again, I only see it in a very very small section of the US folk community. Yes, these folks are narrow-minded and their attitudes are irritating but IMO these are people whose filters are in the "off-position" permanently and aren't worth considering. In fact, I betcha the names that come to my mind are the very same people you are describing. If so, these people have no more power in the folk scene than I or anyone else does. I won't name names, but I dismissed many of these folks long ago as good-hearted but mis-guided. Their numbers are in the single digits and I really don't see it as an issue.

Again, Brian makes a great point above and I have had the same experience as well. I have seen many venues in my travels that open their doors to genres other than folk and allow their patrons to experience different types of performances. These are venues that draw in new audience and create an environment where they can experience something different. Many of them are quite successful, I might add and contribute positively to their communities.

BTW-if you look at the many performers that work in schools here in the US, you will see an amazingly diverse population: young, old, and many who share their ethnic cultures with kids. That is where the IMPORTANT work is being done IMO.

Let's put this kind of energy into changing our political system (which you do admirably, Steve) of government where there are some real problems that affect the lives of our fellow citizens.

Folk music is just fine.