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Posted By: Suffet
30-Nov-11 - 04:37 PM
Thread Name: Occupy Folk Music! (USA)
Subject: RE: Occupy Folk Music! (USA)

Thank you for responding to my examples in a thoughtful and civil manner. In some instance you might be onto something, while in other instances you have drawn incorrect conclusions. But in all instances you have offered some food for thought. Your 3.57 is certainly welcome.

Since you have backed off with the rhetoric, so shall I.

I still stand by my basic argument that at least in the USA a small minority of folkies behave in a narrow minded, boorish, and/or elitist manner that drives people away. Furthermore, too among this small minority are people in leadership positions with the organized folk music community, and they are often the people who make the programming decisions. Admittedly, they are dedicated and hard working, but that is hardly an excuse.

However, I will reword the description of my Occupy Folk Music! (USA) Facebook page to say the following:

A small minority of folkies, perhaps 1%, behave in a narrow minded, boorish, and/or elitist manner that drives people away from our organized folk music community. Unfortunately, too many among this small minority hold positions of power within our folk music clubs and societies, and they often use their power to determine what is and isn't heard. It is time to stand up and educate those who would impose their own narrow interpretation of what is and what isn't acceptable. Open the doors and the floors to those who bring new life to old songs, and to those who create new songs of their own. We are the 99%. Let's make folk music dangerous once again. Avenge Phil Ochs!

Meanwhile, you said, "I think what could easily clear up all these misunderstandings is not a campaign to get rid of these people but one to educate. Both parties." I can live with that.

--- Steve