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Posted By: gnu
27-Nov-11 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK women are 'fattest in Europe'
Subject: RE: BS: UK women are 'fattest in Europe'
Ya wanna lose weight? Eat every hour to two hours. Eat fruit and veggies. Eat cabbage... cabbage... cabbage... did ya get that? cabbage in yer salad.

6AM two heaping tablespoons of cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg... 8AM some fruit... 10AM a half tin of fish (I prefer salmon)... noon water, lots of water... 2PM a treat - whatever... 4PM a good supper... 6PM water, lots of water... 8PM multigrain type bread and peanut butter.

Mix it up. For a treat, I often have baked beans... yeah, lots of sugar, but ya don't NEED a lot to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Above all, ya gotta say to yourself, I am satisfied with losing a few pounds a week or not gaining any doing this.

I am down 105 pounds and I was NEVER hungry and I did not buy a diet book. I just found out what worked for me. I ate pizza, lasagna, ice cream, etc... but only once a week or so.

BTW... I was losing weight when I was having my "treat" at suppertime several times per week... TWO large bowls of ice cream and then nothing for the rest of the day. Didn't feel I needed to eat anymore. Ice cream!

Play with it. Took me two years but it works. A hundred pounds.

Eat a bit every two hours.