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Posted By: Genie
26-Nov-11 - 08:43 PM
Thread Name: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
Subject: Orders: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
I'm wondering if it's worth, at this time, pursuing the idea of encouraging purchases of individual CDs.

My suggestion would be this:
1. Ask around, of your friends and neighbors (geography nothwithstanding), whether they'd be interested in purchasing individual CDs from the new "This Is Us" set and, if so, how many of each.
2. Whenever you/we have assembled enough requests for the various CDs to amount to full sets, purchase those sets and distribute the individual CDs amongst the various purchasers.

I'm guessing that each of the contributors may have want/need for multiple copies of the CDs that they have tracks on, but slightly fewer of us have want/need for the entire 6-CD sets. But if, say, Maeve wants 4 copies of the CDs that she has tracks on and Amos wants 4 copies of the ones he's on and My guru always said wants 4 copies of the ones she has tracks on, etc., etc., we could put together orders for a whole bunch of whole sets.