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25-Nov-11 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: BBc defends folk awards
Subject: RE: BBc defends folk awards
was about to post that, as a friend of Joan's, I know she's at work.
Leave her out of this.

But I wholeheartedly agree with this -
Silas, you assume Ms Hartley ever had the plot to begin with. Her blog has been a poorly researched series of non-stories from the off, with no real purpose other than fuelling Ms Hartley's self-sought reputation as a folk "insider". Its bare-faced cheek and hilarious inaccuracies, not to mention "stories" that no one else really much cares about ( a whole blog about a musician's cuddly toy? Really? And her attempts to unmask the FLK, something no one else in the world even gave a stuff about, were just laughable), could only have been shat out of the bowels of Fleet Street. With the old "something is rotten in the state of the Folk Awards" chestnut, she's finally got what she wanted, as an earlier contributor pointed out: traffic for her website and causing a bit of a shit-storm. No matter if damage is ultimately done to folk music, Emma Hartley won't be handled in this way. Pathetic. I prefer the much more serious musings of Gemma Kidney anyway.

whoever wrote it.