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Posted By: Commander Crabbe
22-Nov-11 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: BBc defends folk awards
Subject: RE: BBc defends folk awards
Awards by panels of judges are generally speaking subjective. To give a fair representation of subjective opinions it helps to have a lot of judges.

I remember whilst on holiday in Scotland the wife and I bought some award winning black pudding. Needless to say we didn't agree with the judges!!!! It was (to our tastes) gopping to say the least. That said, someone must have liked it.

I could agree somewhat with stallion in that awards are there as a marketing tool to boost sales of so and so or who ever.

I personally don't care who gets nominated or who wins the awards, it will not affect who I listen to or who's music i'll buy. That will always remain my choice.

In truth I rarely listen to or agree with critics or judges as whether I like something or not is a personal thing.

If people want to have awards why not leave them to it. If you don't agree with the nominees or winners, so what. Listen to who you prefer instead!

After all you are entitled to your own opinion. However, if you are allowed to have your own opinion you should concede that everyone else is entitled to theirs as well.

We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. ~ Konrad Adenauer