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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-Oct-11 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: The Basket of Eggs
Subject: Lyr Add: BUNG YOUR EYE (from Bodleian)
From a broadside in the Bodleian collection, Firth c.18(283):

[I have modernized the punctuation, adding quotation marks, etc.]


1. As a jolly exciseman was walking the street,
A buxom young girl he chancÚd to meet,
And as he drew near, she says, "Will you buy?"
"Pray what do you sell?" Says she, "Bung-your-eye."

2. "But now to be serious, what have you got there?"
"'Tis honest Geneva, I vow and declare.
At the custom-house officers I look very sly,
And to give it a nickname, it's call'd Bung-your-eye.

3. "But as you're a gentleman, as you appear,
To leave my Geneva I vow and declare*.
Till I speak to a customer that's just pass'd by,
I will leave you in charge of my Bung-your-eye."

4. Now mark, my good friends, at what I'm going to mention:
To look in her basket it was my intention,
But in two or three minutes after, a young child did cry.
Then up in my arms I took young Bung-your-eye.

5. Then I took the child home without more delay,
And to have it christened I hasted away.
Says the parson, "I'll christen your child by and by.
Pray what is his name?" Says I, "Bung-your-eye."

6. "Bung-your-eye?" says the parson. "Why, that's an odd name."
"Why, yes, sir, it is, and an odd way it came,
For I thought all the people as they did pass by
Would think me the father of young Bung-your-eye."

7. Now all you excisemen that walketh the street
Beware of those girls if you chance them to meet.
With their honest Geneva they look very sly,
And they'll soon make you the father of young Bung-your-eye.

[Geneva = gin]
[* Harding B 16(40c) substitutes "I need not to fear"]