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Posted By: GUEST,999
24-Oct-11 - 09:10 PM
Thread Name: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
Subject: RE: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
The set of CDs has accomplished its purpose. The set was intended to cover its own costs and raise some cash for Mudcat, and that seems to have happened already. People who have never 'headed' a project likely have little idea of the time, concentration, effort, management, juggling and just plain hard work it is. I do not doubt that some left stuff to the last minute, and others gave conflicting info as to what they wanted or what had to happen. Figure 100+ mp3s, wav files, CDs having to be put in order and coordinated with song lyrics and stories, etc, plus a few thousand e-mails all clamoring for attention and answers RIGHT NOW. Figure total time and then having to split the time amongst five separate CDs and have no CD come in over 77 or so minutes. Then figure the thematic approach that bradfordian took. And then consider the last minute stuff that was submitted that then altered every parameter above.

Barrie, I have yet to hear the set, but regardless the evenness of the technical quality, vocal works, instrument works, harmonies, etc., you and your helpers rammed it through on time. I bet there are a few mistakes in the set. Well, no shit, Sherlock. The Beatles made the first record ever to cost over a million dollars. It's got some errors on it. GASP. I don't doubt that someone somewhere will sit and look for them. That's a good thing. Gives 'em something to do.

What you and your crew did is one helluvan accomplishment. You did what you set out to do, did it to the best of your ability with the materials you were provided to do the job. You will look back on it and think your own woulda, coulda, shouldas. I'll look back on it and think of you and the crew as the people who got the job done on time, and it don't get better than that.

Thank you.