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Posted By: bradfordian
24-Oct-11 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
Subject: RE: Review: THIS IS US: New Mudcat CD set
Just an observation here, please don't take this as a rant.
Everybody is entitled to express their point of view and by and large the comments are's how we learn.
One issue is that on reflection, I did cram too much onto the CDs such that the area for the pdfs were a bit of a squeeze. I think this occurred because the information I was getting about the total playing time was quite within the allowable time. Now these CDs have "CD Text" for each track and a folder for the pdf which I believe all conspired to make the CD very full. Consequently, I'm considering removing the pdfs from the next batch of CDs as the lyrics information is readily available from the mudcat Lyrics thread. I'm sure you would not have me remove one of the songs just to keep the pdfs!

There is clearly an expectation for a high quality product because that is what we have been getting used to with studio productions using the latest technological advances. Now I and my colleagues did endeavour to be fully inclusive and whilst we did need to try to get some better quality submissions, no Mudcatter who submitted a song was declined. The theme is THIS IS US---- get it! THIS IS US--- what you hear is what you get! So of course there are some recordings that ideally should have been of better quality and they do show up when compared against some of the more professionally produced material. Further more, two thirds of the contributions came via the internet, many from mp3s, some from Youtube so a small number of iterations on the compression/de-compression process may have caused some minor issues, But only the source is in a positon of being aware of the original quality, I alas was further down the chain just trying to balance the content and there may well have been quality issues which might have been picked had we set up a more discernable proof hearing team. But time was getting tight because I promoted the idea of getting the CDs ready for the FSGW-Getaway.
This was my first (and last)such project and as such there are always lessons to be learnt. (and we all know what lesson no. 1 is !)

Nevertheless, on a lighter note, I am proud to have brought together so many people who make this community such an endearing place (most of the time) There are some stories in these tracks that positively make my heart glow to know that those peopole are there having overcome some difficulties to be on these CDs [and no jokes please about the tracks from Barry and Teresa]. Just sit back and enjoy.